This Boston Globe article explains the MHP proposals that Governor Baker is considering. Is “pretty good” good enough? doesn’t think so!        

By Tim Logan GLOBE STAFF  FEBRUARY 16, 2018 After a year of closed-door negotiations with developer Don Chiofaro and the New England Aquarium, city officials say it’s finally time to move forward with a skyscraper Chiofaro wants to build on the Boston Harbor Garage site. The Boston Planning & Development Agency on Friday filed a […]

Seaport District development: Mapping the biggest projects in the busy Boston enclave — including a giant hotel

John Hoey/Flickr

The Seaport District is one of Boston’s busiest in terms of new development.

This map charts those major projects either recently underway or approved, including plans for what will be one of the largest hotels in New England and the Seaport’s largest single amount of for-sale housing.

We Are Boston’s Waterfront Discusses Future Planning, What We Can Do Now

We Are Boston’s Waterfront hosted a community meeting with the Conservation Law Foundation on January 17, prompted by the recent storm flooding, to discuss the changes we are seeing to the waterfront and how we can plan for the future. Over 60 residents from the North End, Waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods attended, packing the Golden Goose Cafe to capacity.

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It’s not your imagination. Your Boston commute is getting worse.

Barbara Mayer, a nurse from the South Shore, has been making the same drive to and from the Longwood Medical Area for five years. Today, the trip takes her a good 15 or 20 minutes longer than it used to, an hour and a half compared with 70 minutes, and that’s if there’s no Cape traffic.

“I used to have time to water the flowers when I got home,” she said.

It’s the same story on the North Shore, where the drive into Boston to meet clients sometimes takes etiquette consultant Jodi Smith two hours, twice as long as it did a decade ago. West of the city, in Waltham, the MBTA’s Route 505 morning rush bus to the Financial District is now allotted 63 minutes to arrive. It was allotted 47 minutes in 2007.